“Truth and Persuasion”, Sassari.

September 24-26, 2015, Sassari (Italy)

The S.I.F.A. (Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy) is pleased to announce its Midterm Conference on Truth and Persuasion.
The conference is organized in partnership with the Sardinian Project on “Truth, Persuasion and Communication” (sponsored by Regione Autonoma della Sardegna), and the Italian 2012 PRIN Project “Models and Inferences in Science”, Sassari Research Unit Project on “Grounding: fundamental properties, casual efficacy and truth-making models”.

General Aim
The conference aims to advance our understanding of the relationships between the concepts of truth and persuasion.
While the absolute conception of truth has been widely criticised, the philosophical implications of this critique are far from clear. There is a general agreement that we need a conception of truth sensitive to contexts and to historically situated subjects. Some have concluded that truth is local and rational argumentation culturally bounded. Others have suggested that sound argumentations are culturally relative. What is the role of truth and rational argumentation in the exchange among different cultures? Are conversations among cultures based on persuasion, rather than truth? The Conference aims at refocusing the discussion on the intricacies and complexities of the relation between truth and persuasion, a theme that has been largely neglected in the last decades.

The keynote speakers for this Conference are:
Simon Blackburn
Marian David
Wolfgang Huemer
Frans van Eemeren

The submission period for papers is now closed.

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Young Scholar PRIZE S.I.F.A.
The best six abstracts by young scholars will be awarded a prize of 250 euros.

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For any query, please contact one of the organizers:
Massimo Dell’Utri, dellutri@uniss.it
Marcello Montibeller, mmontibeller@uniss.it
Fabio Bacchini, bacchini@uniss.it
Stefano Caputo, scaputo@uniss.it