Who we are

The Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy was founded in 1992 as the Italian section of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP) by input of a group of Italian scholars, with the aim of promoting and spreading analytic philosophy in Italy and Italian analytic philosophy worldwide through conferences and seminars, sponsorship and editing of scientific publications, research and teaching, participation of Italian scholars in international initiatives connected to analytic philosophy.

Since its foundation, SIFA has been regularly organising a national conference (one every two years) and a midterm conference. It provides support to organise conferences on general topics in the analytic tradition. It helps spread news and information on philosophical events connected with the analytic tradition, both Italy- and internationally based by three main tools: the website; a mailing list that lets every single associate to forward philosophical news to the list members; and a regular bulletin that comes out every six months.

The Society offers its associates the possibility of uploading information on their cvs and publications in a dedicated archive that can be consulted from the SIFA webpage.

SIFA is an important reference point for those supporting the analytic approach in philosophy, independently of their specific fields of research and competence (philosophy of language, ethics, philosophy of science, metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, political philosophy, and so on). From its beginnings, SIFA has played a front-line role in the development of analytic philosophy, which has indeed been a relevant and visible phenomenon in Italian culture and academia at least since a decade.

As of today, SIFA counts approximately 500 associates. In order to subscribe, go to this page.

In order to use or print the SIFA logo on SIFA sponsored conferences websites or paper material, go to the following page:   SIFA logo.

FISCAL CODE SIFA: 96206380584